Ed Abramoski, longtime trainer honored on Bills’ Wall of Fame, dies at 88

When former Bills guard Billy Shaw was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he asked Abramoski to be his presenter, another rare honor for a trainer. Abramoski went to Purdue to play college football in the 1950s, but when a back injury ended his playing career, he turned his attention to keeping other […]


Getting to the heart of heart muscle function

Every heart muscle cell, or cardiomyocyte, is studded with tiny, intricate structures called dyads. The dyads are like orchestra conductors: They coordinate incoming electrical signals with release of calcium in the muscle, triggering contraction. When dyads work properly, the different segments of heart muscle contract in unison; when they don’t, heartbeats may be too weak […]


Spirit Airlines again rebuffs JetBlue for merger with Frontier

Spirit Airlines Inc (SAVE.N) on Tuesday again cited antitrust concerns to reject JetBlue Airways Corp’s (JBLU.O) sweetened offer and asked its shareholders to vote for a merger with Frontier Group Holdings Inc (ULCC.O) at a meeting on Thursday. In the latest offer, JetBlue included a ticking fee of 10 cents per Spirit share, raising the […]


Comradery is developing a cooperative way to get paid online

It’s easy to compare Comradery to Patreon. Both allow creators to collect money from subscribers, and both allow them to offer content, bonuses, and updates in return. But where Patreon is beholden to venture capital, Comradery is controlled democratically by the people who use it. “The one thing a venture capital tech company can never […]


5 weight loss exercises you can do in 30 minutes most calories burned to shed fat

In order to shred body fat there are a number of factors at play. A good way to work off excess calories is to exercise regularly. How much weight you lose depends on the amount of exercise you’re willing to commit to and how closely you stick to your diet. When combined with a healthy […]