When to Introduce Spices to Your Toddler

It’s the responsibility of the parents to carefully introduce various foods to their kids after they have grown enough. Spices can play an important role in shaping his/her preference for foods in the future. Hence, choosing the appropriate amount of spices is important. But do you know when your toddler should be introduced to what spices?

Some might suggest after weaning but others opine that after 8 months of weaning, spices should be introduced. But what do doctors suggest? To quote “It’s best to wait until eight months before putting spices in your baby’s food. This will help prevent a reaction to the spice like an upset stomach or allergic reaction.” After weaning, you can slowly introduce the spices in small quantities by adding them to the normal diet.

What all spices can be tried :

Turmeric: It can be a good option because it will strengthen immunity, improve digestion and protect from allergies.

Chili Powder: It should be included in the diet only after one and half years.

Garlic and Ginger: They can solve any gastric problems, and hence can be added in small quantities to the normal diet of the baby. It is advised to offer ginger and garlic to kids after they turn 2 years old.

Cumin: Cumin is safe and can be given after 8-10 months.

Fenugreek seeds: Although they are beneficial to the digestion of the infant, it is advised to give them after 18 months.